Saturday, July 27, 2013

Brown Bear All Through the Year Class Book

Everyone loves the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle. So I created a class book that students can use that same pattern of writing throughout the whole year. I like to start out with this book at the beginning of the year, because it's so great to teach pattern writing with, and the students love to write with a pattern.

This activity is a great activity to introduce students to color words and adjectives. It is also a great activity to use when you have a sub, or need a time filler activity.

The following is a list of topics your students will be writing about throughout the year:

Yellow sun - August
Red apple - September
Black cat - October
Orange pumpkin - November
Colorful lights - December
Blue snowflake - January
Pink heart - February
Green shamrock - March
White bunny - April
Purple flower - May
Red, white & blue flag - June
Golden fireworks - July

Click on the picture below if you are interested in this pack.



  1. So cute! I love stuff like this for my kindergartners because it is repetitive and fun! They love knowing what to do :)

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    Miss M
    The Fabulous First Grade

  2. I love this idea!! I would love for you to like my new blog.