Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Favorite B2S Freebies from TPT

I am definitely feeling like a fish out of water (again!) I don't have a classroom that needs setting up. So I haven't been shopping for B2S supplies, but I may or may not have browsed the aisles in a few stores :) I have been helping my interns set their classrooms up though, and that has been almost as much fun. 
Even though I'm not setting up a classroom, I thought I would share some of my favorite freebies from TPT that I have used in my classroom. Click on any of the pictures to find them on TPT.

1)   First up, are the Schedule Cards from the none other than Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade. She has created just about every time of the day there possibly could be in a school day. The graphics and fonts are super cute too!

Schedule Cards {The First Grade Parade}

2)  Next is from The Teacher Wife. Her glue bottle vowel cards help students see how important vowels are in words and which letters are the vowels. I had these up on my board all year long. They served as a good reminder for the little darlin's.

AEIOU - Freebie!

3)  Another favorite freebie for the beginning of school is from Abby author of The Inspired Apple. Her Highlight-a-Letter activity is perfect to assess and/or practice with the little darlin's on their letter recognition. 
Highlight-A-Letter!  {Letter Identification}

4)  This next product is hot off the press. I haven't used them in my classroom yet, but if I had one, I would. Instead, I'm going to give these to my interns as a "first day of school" gift. This cute subway art is the work of Rachelle Smith from What the Teacher Wants. 

Teacher Subway Art

5)  Last, but certainly not least, is this cute little subtraction unit from Katie King of Queen of the First Grade Jungle. This is a great little unit to introduce or have students practice the Zero Property concept. It's one of the first concepts taught in math, so it's a great one for B2S.

Monster Subtraction: All or Nothing Freebie

I hope you will find these useful in your classroom as you are setting up shop.
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