Monday, March 24, 2014

Money, Money, Money - Must Read Monday

I love using books to help me teach units and subjects. Soooo, I'm linking up with Amanda once again. Here's my take on good texts to help teach an economics unit.

 A New Coat for Anna - This sweet story takes place right after WWII. Anna has outgrown her old coat. Because of the war, money, food, and other supplies (including clothes) are scarce, and Anna's mother doesn't have enough money for a new coat. Anna’s mother must make choices about what she will buy and decides to exchange the few valuable items she has left for the services of a farmer, a spinner, a weaver, and a tailor to make Anna a new coat.

Bunny Money - Max is at it again! He and Ruby want to buy grandma a special birthday gift, but Max sees a lot of other things that he wants to buy as well. Great book to help teach needs and wants. Also, the end papers of this book are fun to copy and have your students "earn." For our first graders we would have them earn money for a month, and then we had a Garage Sale. The students absolutely LOVED it, and you'll love it too to help with management :)

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