Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Holiday Linky

I'm linking up with Marie at The Hands On Teacher for her Holiday Linky. If I have one weakness it is Christmas picture books. I. LOVE. THEM. Santa always brought my children a book every year. Now that my baby is 18, you can guess, well, we have a few. I also have another collection of them at school too. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas books to share with my class.

Love Patricia Polacco. This is a story about a boy and his father who find a second-hand tapestry which they want to use to cover up the damage to a wall in their church. There is a lot more to this tapestry, as an old Jewish woman recognizes it, and brings about a true Christmas miracle.

OK, the cutest book ever!! A hilarious series of letters to Santa follows Jimmy's experience one Christmas. He has some outrageous requests.

This is a great book to introduce writing a persuasive letter to Santa or whomever.

Sweet story. Set in the WWII era. A simple story of love and giving during the Christmas season. The art in this book is photocollage and really brings the story to life. The book even shows you how to make simple ornaments for the tree.

I'm sure most of you know about this book. Soooo cute! This book clues us in on just how does Santa get up and down that chimney. 

You've probably seen this all around Pinterest, but if not, this is the book to use for a fun writing activity about how your kiddos would get Santa out of the  chimney.

There are so many more books I could recommend, but I better stop for now.


  1. I will have to buy Santa's Stuck--looks like a cute book. I like the book called Fat Santa. It is also about Santa getting stuck in the chimney.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  2. I am so glad you linked up!! I need to check out those books! I've never read ANY of those! :)

    Thanks again for linking up! :)
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  3. I'm addicted to books as well... I will have to check your recommendations out 3 are new to me! I found you through the linky!

  4. I will also have to check out your recommentations. I love reading new Christmas stories to my students. I also found you through this linky party. I will be linking up soon.

    Mrs. Flickinger' Butterfly Oasis