Friday, May 18, 2012

What a Ca-Razy Day!

You can definitely tell summer is almost here. 4 1/2 days to be exact:) Let me tell you what happened today. Every year at the end of the school year our 5th grade students put on Mini Society for the whole school. Mini Society is where the students create some kind of business and they sell their goods and services to the rest of the student body. We are all given Mini Bucks to pay for these things. This has become a HUGE tradition at our school. We have former students that are now in high school come back for this each year. Many parents and siblings come as well. It takes over the whole playground at the school, as the students set up their booths and what not. The whole school looks forward to Mini Society each year. I'm always amazed as to what great lengths parents students go to for Mini Society. There are items like homemade bread, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, BBQ Beef Sandwiches, massages, nail painting, etc. Anyways, on with the story. Students and parents arrived to school early to set up their booths. About a half hour into Mini Society, it starts pouring rain. They decide to bring everything inside the school, but can't use the gym because Kindergarten graduation is going on in there. It was TOTAL CHAOS. There were cords running everywhere, and people were everywhere in the halls. My second graders didn't care that everything was brought inside, they were just so happy to have Mini Bucks to spend. Of course, quite a few of them were out of money within five or so minutes, and then they were asking me for more -- Uh, uh, sorry!!  So we were doing our thing, when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. Everyone is totally stunned, but we all had to leave the building and go outside (in the pouring rain.) I made sure all my little darlin's were accounted for. We had to stand out in the rain for probably 20 minutes. Apparently, the cotton candy machine started smoking, and that's what set off the alarm. And wouldn't you know it, just as we are all piling out of the building, who should appear? The District Superintendent (also one of my parents), of course. Luckily, he's a pretty easygoing guy, and he didn't freak out. But let's just say, this was not one of my principal's better days.

A sweet little side note. Each student is given 15 Mini Bucks. One of my students has a sister whose birthday is tomorrow. She spent all her money on a gift for her sister. Is that the sweetest thing or what? On a day where everyone else is thinking about all the things THEY can get for themselves, she was worried about not having a gift for her sister. Too precious!

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  1. What a trying day you had! I taught in a school that had a mini society type activity. My kindergarten students absolutely loved it! It is such a great experience for the students. Hopefully, next year's will be smoother.