Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog Identity Crisis?

OK, OK, so this is my 4th different blog template in a week. I guess you could say, I have had some blog identity crisis -- LOL! This background that I've settled on, was originally the one I wanted, but I was experiencing some technical difficulties. Luckily LeeLou Blogs got back with me, and Voila! problem solved. I'm sorry for any confusion this may cause any of you. Now all I have to figure out is how to create a button. But we'll wait on that for a later day.

I received some news...I'm going to first grade! I am soooo excited! Any of you firsties teachers out there, that can share some help I would appreciate tremendously. I've only taught second grade, so this will be a big change for me!



  1. Love the blog changes! You will be AMAZING in first grade! Those kiddos are going to LOVE you! Such a fun team to work on too! congrats : )