Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Corners -- An R-Controlled Word Review Game

Next week is testing, so we've been hitting the review road heavily the last couple of weeks. A fun game to play with your little darlin's is called 3 Corners. This game is easily adaptable for just about any concept. We played it to review R-Controlled words. So here's how to one corner you post "ar" in another corner, post "or" and in the third corner post "er," "ir," and "ur." I give my students 5 seconds to find a corner they want. Once they are all in a corner, you call out a word, for example "corn." The students check themselves to see what corner they are in. If anyone is in the "or" corner, they have to go sit down. My students wanted to keep playing and playing. What I like about this game is that it gets the students moving around, they have to self check to see if are out or not. Yeah, I know, you'll have those students who will just follow the crowd, but overall it's a great way to review. And for those little strugglers, they can gain some confidence if they are just following the crowd. 

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  1. We are doing these sounds this week and next week! So awesome! My kiddos will love this!