Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cupid Shoots the Arrow Freebie

OK, so I've done 8 intern observations so far this week (and it's only Tuesday :p). Every single one of the observations I was in, the students were soooooooo chatty. Like ridiculously chatty. Like I was wondering if I was in the right classroom all 8 times. Valentine's Day Week is a tough week as far as management goes. So...I decided to help my interns out (it's last minute, I know, what else is new?) with a behavior incentive plan especially for this time of the year. I call it "Cupid Shoots the Arrow." Here's how it works. Copy the pictures onto cardstock. Laminate for durability. Cut out the figures if you want. Then get a piece of string or yarn the width of your whiteboard. Hang the string at the top of the white board. Hang the cupid on the far left side, the heart on the far right side. Adhere a paper clip to the back of the arrow, or use a clothespin to attach the arrow to the string. As students meet your expectations, slide the arrow towards the heart. If students aren’t meeting your expectations, slide the arrow towards Cupid. When the arrow reaches the heart, your students have earned a reward of your choice.
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