Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Have Been a Busy Little Bee...I Mean Elf

This month has been extremely busy. I've been grading final projects and finals for my students. I have had several of my student teachers get permanent jobs already. Usually jobs don't come up midyear, but this year, there were several of them that came up, and I had some exceptional student teachers fill the openings. This may sound odd, but I feel like a proud mama.
It's been quite busy on the home front as well. As you know, my son got married in June. So we needed to add a new Christmas stocking to our stockings. I'm a little bit OCD about the stockings looking similar and that they belong in the same family. And I had previously made all the others, so I made my daughter-in-law a stocking. Aren't they cute?
Her's is the fourth from the left.
Yah, we don't have a fireplace :( so this is the next best place.
My next project were gifts for my team and my boss. Aren't these table runners cute too? They are so super easy to make, you only need to sew four seams. And sew the button on, but with my sewing machine that is super easy. 
My daughter-in-law wanted a cute apron for Christmas. (We've already exchanged our gifts, so I can show you this now.) So I made her one. I had an absolute blast making this for her. In fact, I want to make another one, it was so much fun. Take a look below.

It's reversible even!
I also made my daughter-in-law a jewelry stand that she wanted, but I didn't take any pictures of it :( but you can see where my inspiration came from here.

Last, but not least, you may have noticed a new blog design here. Thanks to Barbara at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs, I have this darling new design. She was amazing to work with. It was like she was inside my head and new exactly what I wanted. If you're in the market for a new blog design, go check her out, you will love the experience!
If I don't post before then, have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. I love your sewing projects, Susie! I'm a sewer too and hope to finish my little grandson's owl quilt over the holidays.
    Thanks for the shout-out and have a GREAT Christmas!