Sunday, January 27, 2013

Freebie - Planet Place Value

We have been working on Place Value for the past few weeks. The little darlin's are doing well with it. Expanded form is probably the toughest part of this unit, but they're beginning to understand that as well. I made this little game of "Five in a Row" where students have to get their number in all five forms (numeral, number word, tens and ones, expanded form and Base 10 Blocks). We're going to use it as a review before we test this week. 
We also did another activity to help solidify this concept. I distributed number cards from 0-9 throughout the class. Then I labeled an empty chair with TENS on a Post-It (yeah, I go all out!) and another chair with ONES. I then called out a 2-digit number and the students have to sit in the correct chair to model the number. THEY LOVED THIS! Anytime I can get the little darlin's moving around, I'm all over that.

What has worked for you while teaching Place Value?

Click on the picture above to get your freebie. Enjoy!

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