Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First Day of First Grade

Today was my first day of First Grade, well technically it was my second first day of First Grade if you think about it - LOL! But as a teacher, it was my first. I. AM. EXHAUSTED! I haven't blogged for almost a month. I've been so busy getting my classroom together. Then the week before school, I cooked 1200 meals up at a Young Women's Camp - talk about WORK! Well, I'm happy it's all over and I have my first day under my belt. My principal gave a colleague of mine some great advice. She said, "The way to have a happy husband, is to make him think that dinner is ready (have the table all set, etc.) Well, she said you do the same for Back to School Night/Open House/Meet the Kiddos, or whatever you all call it at your school. Have your room all completely set up, and no one will know that you're plan book is empty for first day of school, or you have nothing in your files." Well, that is good advice, even though, I don't have empty files, or an empty plan book, it's all about perception!!!

So I have 20 little darlin's. They are going to be a fun, cute class. I'm so excited for the year! 

First Grade ROCKS!

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