Sunday, July 15, 2012

School Memories

I found this linky on Surfin' Through Second Grade, and I just had to link up. Actually Jennifer at Simply Kinder is hosting the linky.

The only memory I have of Kindergarten is getting my picture taken outside the school with my friend on the first day of school. Oh, and I do remember my teacher's name, Mrs. Slayback. 

First grade, I remember winning an art contest. I drew a picture of a clown and everyone voted on their favorite, yours truly was the winner! I also remember telling my teacher that I got a new dress for my mom's wedding. (My mom was always embarrassed about that for some reason, but it was the truth!) My teachers name was Mrs. Hasagawa.

Not a very happy memory in second grade. My teacher, Mrs. Libbe, ended up leaving halfway through the year. I was an EXTREMELY shy child/student. So when the permanent sub took over, she told everyone she must not be disturbed while she was working with the reading group (hmmm, sounds familiar!) Well, wouldn't you know it, I had to use the bathroom, and because I was so shy and too afraid to just leave the room, and I didn't dare bother the teacher, I ended up peeing my pants. I remember staying at school the whole day like that, and no one said a word about it! Because of this incident, I'm pretty lax on my bathroom rules.

Third grade, I remember performing the play, "James and the Giant Peach." We had read the book, and then we did a play. I even remember my line:  "James, can I have a bite of the peach." My teacher's name was Mrs. Marshall.

Fourth grade I had Mr. Benson. He was soooo cool. He raised homing pigeons and brought them to school for us to see. I loved fourth grade!

Fifth grade with Mrs. Martin. One memory -- being put into a higher level math class/group. I loved math!

Mr. Clark taught me in sixth grade. He was such a cool teacher too. He made movies with us. One day he showed us a movie that he had made with his friends, and there was a swear word in it. I thought Mr. Clark was even cooler after that - LOL!

Isn't it funny the things we remember! I hope my students have good memories of me. One former student, who is now in high school, said she remembered me crying while reading "Charlotte's Web." Yes, that would be me! What interesting memories do you have of school?


  1. Wonderful memories....except the bathroom one! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Like you, I have mostly fond memories of school. Come stop by my blog, I am hosting a tpt gift certificate giveaway!!!

    Lauren C

  3. Aww, what great memories:) I love that you have so many great ones:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. I also remember peeing at school, lol. But for me it was Sunday School!

    Reading with Mrs. D
    Endless Pinabilities