Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I am totally exhausted from the events of today! The students came in raring to go, and they didn't stop all day long. These days are so fun, but soooo exhausting! The following are the events of the day: "Pin the Lips on the Teacher" (thank you -- The Teacher Wife), cookie decorating, "Pick up hearts with chopsticks game, "How Many Hearts Can you Stack?" game, and a "Don't eat the Heart" game which is a version of "Don't Eat Pete." The students had an absolute ball with everything. I also have the best parent helpers. I don't know how we could have done today without them. Enjoy the pics!

                              "Pin the Lips on the Teacher"
                                           Cookie decorating                
                                          Chopstick game
Sorry, the picture of "Don't Eat the Heart" didn't turn out.

Here's another activity we did, thanks to What the Teacher Wants. She posted a ton of Valentine's Day activities FREE! I used just about every one of them today. If you haven't visited her blog -- you must! This activity was the highlight of the day!

                                   You were my "BFF" but when you said, "Dare Ya" to kick someone that was "mad4u", I mean "get real." But when I saw 
                                   you again I was "crazy for you."  You said you're "too cool" for me. I said, "XOXO." Then we had a "first kiss."

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