Friday, January 13, 2012

Marley and Parent Teacher Conferences

We just finished this book  week. For the past few years, I have read this book to my classes. I read the adult version when it first came out and I immediately connected to it. Maybe it's because I have a yellow Lab at home. So when the children's version came out, I thought it was a great addition to my read-aloud library. The boys always love the pee and poop references in it. And it never fails, every year, I have at least one or two students crying with me each year at the end of the book.
Marley: A Dog Like No Other: A Special Adaptation for Young Readers

It was also Parent-Teacher Conferences -- phew! I always get a migraine the week of conferences. The week is so stressful. Getting grades in, reports cards ready, the classroom cleaned, portfolios in tip-top shape, and the hallway ready to be presented. Yes, that has stress written all over it!! I actually enjoy meeting with my parents and celebrating the growth my kiddos have made so far this year. Everyone of them have made such growth in their reading it's amazing. I'm so proud of them all!

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